Power Module + Intake Kit

+89hp | +94ft-lbs


Our B2 Power Up package for the 2015+ F80 M3 and F82/F83 M4 pairs a Speed-Buster tuning module and Injen cold-air intake for an easy bolt-on power upgrade at a special package price. We love the ease of installation and great gains from both products. With over 80hp this makes an awesome "plug-in & move-on" upgrade where you can enjoy substantial power gains without any side effects, rigorous installation, or long term investment. Both items can be removed and reinstalled on another M3/M4 with ease.

The Speed-Buster is a simple bolt-on tuning module that interfaces with the stock vehicle electronics to "trick" the computer into making more boost. By sending modified signals back to the engine computer, the Speed-Buster tricks the computer into safely raising the boost. And with careful programming of operational tables, the Power Module doesn't trigger torque limiters, monitors, or limp mode, which means safe power that won't kill your engine - or warranty!

The Injen intake for the F8X M3/M4 includes oversized filters, heat shields, and inlet pipes finished in high quality wrinkle black. The filters are sealed against hot air with the included heat shield but is not restricted like the factory air box. Not only is there more air flow but the intake induction noise is better as well! Open up the intake and turn up the speakers!


BimmerWorld B2 Power Upgrade Kit - F8X M3/M4