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This S63TU Peformance Package includes our M5/M6 Downpipes as well as our S63TU Performance Software with our Simon-3 cable for the ultimate performance combination!


  • Fitment and tuning have become extremely specific recently. In order to ensure your car receives the proper product, we require the specific information provided by its VIN.


    The VIN number identifies many things about your particular BMW - among them are the model and production date of your car. Being such a forward-thinking and innovative manufacturer, BMW is constantly changing their software, hardware, and more between model years. This means that, although two cars may appear identical from the outside, they really aren't!


    Rather than have our customers endure an arduous questionnaire, the VIN provides the following information:


    • Whether your BMW is equipped with a manual or automatic transmission
    • Whether your turbocharged BMW has a mechanical or electronic wastegate
    • Whether your BMW is US-spec, Euro-spec, or other
    • Whether your engine was updated or changed during a mid-cycle refresh
    • Informs us of your BMW's engine and transmission ECU type


    ...And much more! Stating your VIN number helps us provide you with the highest quality, most durable, and best performing tuning products available. After typing it in, you'll be one step closer to Playing With Power! 


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