After over a year of testing with our M2, we're now releasing our performance software flash!

Our M2 has seen dozens of track days and after extensive R&D we've settled on a final tune that we believe will produce the most consistent and reliable power lap after lap without falling off or causing any drivetrain malfunctions. Being in Miami, we see some of the hottest and most humid temps in the country! 

Approaching the 400whp mark has caused fueling issues with the stock fuel system and adding any more torque down low will cause power levels to drop up top when temps rise. We've been able to extract ~415 lb/ft of torque and ~378whp lap after lap without any problems. When we bumped up the torque to ~430 lb/ft the car would make inconsistent power at higher RPMs due to varied ignition timing and throttle opening. Increasing the power to 400whp led to drivetrain malfunctions caused by lowered fuel pressure. 

Our ECU reflash corrects the leaner stock AFR ratio allowing us to increase boost safely and reliably. We lower the AFR sooner and more significantly compared to the stock curve to promote consistent power lap after lap. Piggyback units do not modify the AFR and thus have not proven to provide consistent performance during extended use. 

Key Features:

Horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire RPM band
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
Modified Vanos camshaft remapping 
Available "Burble" Maps
Free tech support and assistance
Multiple maps available for flashing at home (after initial reflash)

Available Options:

Cold start delete
Off Road Only Downpipe Map
Burble Option
Tuner flag removal
OBD Flashing Option


    Performance Specs:

    Up to 50hp gains   :   Rear wheel HP measured on the dyno

    Up to 80 Ft / LBs gains  :   Rear wheel FT/LBs measured on the dyno


    Software Purchase Options:
    When you purchase software for your F3X BMW, you will be required to: 

    Purchase a Simon-3 Cable and use your PC laptop to flash your car at your own convenience.


    We provide up to (4) custom maps (at no additional cost) when you purchase a Simon 3 cable with your F3X Peformance Software!


    • Fitment and tuning have become extremely specific recently. In order to ensure your car receives the proper product, we require the specific information provided by its VIN.


      The VIN number identifies many things about your particular BMW - among them are the model and production date of your car. Being such a forward-thinking and innovative manufacturer, BMW is constantly changing their software, hardware, and more between model years. This means that, although two cars may appear identical from the outside, they really aren't!


      Rather than have our customers endure an arduous questionnaire, the VIN provides the following information:


      • Whether your BMW is equipped with a manual or automatic transmission
      • Whether your turbocharged BMW has a mechanical or electronic wastegate
      • Whether your BMW is US-spec, Euro-spec, or other
      • Whether your engine was updated or changed during a mid-cycle refresh
      • Informs us of your BMW's engine and transmission ECU type


      ...And much more! Stating your VIN number helps us provide you with the highest quality, most durable, and best performing tuning products available. After typing it in, you'll be one step closer to Playing With Power!