The perfectly balanced mid engine Cayman is Germany's canyon carving track meister. Unfortunately, the Cayman was delivered slightly under powered from the factory so as not to threaten the Carrera's thrown. The Cayman IPD intake plenum delivers increased performance that puts the Cayman in the ring with the Carrera.


The IPD Plenum out performs every other intake system on the market. Don't be fooled by other competitors claiming to offer Plenums. All factory Porsche air distributors are of the "T" variety and therefore suffer from less than ideal air flow and intake air speed.


The genius and power behind the IPD plenums comes from the patented "Y" style design and optimized diversion areas to deliver real and impressive power that will transform your Cayman's performance and heighten your Porsche driving experience.


The Cayman IPD Intake Plenums are available in 3 versions, each one specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of varying Cayman enthusiasts. IPD offers the ultimate Cayman performance upgrades, all the way from mild to wild.

IPD 987.1 Cayman (2.7L) OE 74mm TB