JRZ MOTORSPORT LINE 14 SERIES - BMW M3 E90 Sedan / E92 Coupe REAR non coilover (2006-2013)




  • Rebound adjustment independent from compression
  • Fully useable adjustment range
  • Fine yet noticeable change per click
  • 10 clicks low speed compression
  • 19 clicks high speed compression
  • 8 clicks low speed rebound
  • 16 clicks high speed rebound
  • Smooth, linear piston
  • Adjustable gas pressure
  • 22 mm shaft
  • Highest flow rate to piston
  • Lightest construction
  • Ideal for lighter applications and aluminium body dampers
  • The classic JRZ design


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JRZ MOTORSPORT 14 Series BMW M3 E90 Sedan/E92 Coupe REAR non coilover

  • Compression and rebound independently adjustable. High speed rebound adjusted by a blow off valve on the piston rod and low speed by orifices. High and low speed compression adjusted by blow off valve in the canister and adjustable orifices.