Swan Neck rear wings are the latest aero innovation to come out of international GT, DTM, and Prototype racing. Swan Neck styles of wings put the uprights on top of the wing element instead of underneath. This gives back some of the wing surface area lost to the mounting configuration. Swan Necks were the result of intense re-development of LMP teams who needed to gain back lost downforce after rules changes reduced rear wing sizes in the late-2000s. Despite losing 30% of downforce with the rules change, engineers were able to get most of it back with the Swan Neck wing.

This Swan Neck package includes the wing, end plates, and uprights all done in carbon fiber. It weighs just 11lbs! It was designed for coupe and sedan body styles of the E36, E46, E90, E92, F30, F32, F80, and F82 chassis (but can be used on almost any model BMW). Wing height is set to roof height and approximately 10 inches behind the rear bumper line. The wing element is 66 inches in overall length with a 12 inch chord. The wing is constructed of carbon fiber with a longitudinal corrugated core. Anodized aluminum mounts are bonded to the core and provide 6 distinct angles of attack. Uprights are placed 24 inches on center. The rounded leading edge reduces pitch sensitivity, providing more stable and usable downforce regardless of vehicle attitude changes under braking and acceleration.

A high downforce front splitter and front dive planes are required with this rear wing to maintain aero balance.

This wing is mounted through the trunk to an inner structure that must be fabricated and capable of supporting approximately 500lbs of sustained downforce. This structure must also be sturdy enough to remain rigid in all directions in response to forward-back and side-to-side loading from drag forces and turbulence induced wing vibrations. Surface mount to the trunk is not adequate.

Wing package includes: wing, end plates, uprights, and stainless steel hardware for wing and end plate connections.

Made in the USA.

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