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1975 911 Porsche Euro Spec

Please take a look and enjoy our very own master technician's beautiful 911 Porsche. The car has an interesting and kind of sad story. He bought the car from a much older woman in Alabama. Her husband bought the car in West Germany around 1980. After, it arrived in the USA a short time later. He passed away 2 weeks after he purchased it. His wife didn't want to sell the car because it was his dream. So it sat in her brother's warehouse until our tech purchased it in 1998. We took the engine and trans apart to freshen and update what we thought it needed. Brake system and fuel were also taken care of as far as the body, it needed a good polishing and detail to bring it back to life. He was looking for a Lime Green or Mexico Blue 911, so when this showed up for sale, he jumped on it. As far as we know he is the third owner of the Porsche. We think the previous owner would be happy to see it being taken care of by a Porsche Tech. So, here is what we have done to the car since he's own it. 

The car is mostly used for autocross and has excellent low end power and quick turn-in. Maxed out camber with slight toe out up front helps with the turn-in.

Original Gelbgrun paint No A/C No power windows No sunroof

Removed 15 inch Cookie Cutters and installed Polished lip 16 inch Fuchs, 6" front 7" rear Toyo R888 205/55 Front and Rear DAS Sport roll bar Simpson seat belts Corbeau Forza II seats Momo suede steering wheel Fire extinguisher GT Racing Ducktail Lowered Front and Rear Koni adjustable shock Front and Rear Larger Master Brake cylinder and adjusted pedals for easier heel-toe shift changes Pagid Brake Pads


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