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BMW Sub-frame Repair and Reinforcement Service

Unfortunately, if you own an E36 or E46 BMW 3 series you're at risk for sub-frame related damage. BMW has an inherent flaw in the design of their sub-frame which for various reasons will crack and tear over time. The problem does not go away, rather the sub-frame continues to tear causing all types of issues ranging from rear-end clunks to effecting chassis performance. We have seen over 40 BMW 3 series cars in the last two years with significant sub-frame damage, the mileage on these cars ranged from 8,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Even if you have low miles on your new car, you are at risk. 


Fortunately, there is something you can do to protect your car. Turner motorsports has designed a sub-frame reinforcement kit which consists of thicker metal plates that are welded to the sub-frame mounting points on the car. The reinforcement process involves dropping the rear end of the car, including the gas tank, and welding numerous plates onto the sub-frame. The master welders at TKX Performance have extensive experience with BMW sub-frame repair and reinforcement procedures. Take a look at the process detailed in the images below to see the elaborate attention to detail our mechanics instill when working on your car.

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