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2017 Long Beach Blue M2

This car came to us directly from the dealer still wrapped in its protective plastic. The customer requested that we unwrap it to make sure nothing was done to the paint before we put on our 10 Year Ceramic coating by Aegis/Gliptone. It arrived with just transport miles on it and the transformation began. After it's protective new coating was applied we proceeded to remove the full suspension, exhaust, downpipe, induction system, intercooler and turbo. We replaced all those items with goodies from Dinan, Frequency Intelligent exhaust, MSR, KW V3, etc. 

We also installed some cosmetic and aerodynamic pieces from Vorsteiner and  Akrapovic and a few other custom pieces in the interior and exterior. The most stressful part of the job was taking this perfect specimen with practically no miles on it and removing the front and rear glass so we can drill out the roof welds, remove the steel roof and install a custom carbon fiber roof in its place along with replacing the trunk and drilling into it to install a GTS inspired rear wing.

After about a thousand miles on the car the customer felt he was leaving more on the table in terms of performance and stopping power. So back on the lift it went for some more goodies. We removed the Dinan tune and turbo and replaced it with a custom turbo, Burger Motorsports custom programming along with Fuel-it Stage 3 fuel system featuring their custom secondary fuel rail with injectors, secondary fuel pump, ethanol sensor, and boost triggered methanol kit. We also replaced the restrictive plastic turbo induction pipes with parts from Evolution Racewerks. On the braking end, we replaced the very large but stock steel rotors, calipers and pads with the BMW Motorsport full Carbon Ceramic brake system. Clearly no expense was spared to make sure the customer's pride and joy has the best of everything available.


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